Betting Like a Pro: Asia Handicap Strategy

Are you an expert and want to bet on top odds? Then we may have the best sports bet in football for you here. Depending on the exact bet version, you play with a partial money refund. You set a handicap so that both teams are placed at roughly the same level. For the betting odds, this means they are consistently 2.0. The Asian versions are played without the tie. As a result, the mathematical risk of default decreases – a safe bet, one would think.

All tips with bonus relevance

All tips with bo

There are no safe bets in the literal sense outside of surebets. However, the betting strategies presented above for the Bundesliga are still preferable to other behavior. Because the systems are all provided with relatively high and stable betting odds. It is usually enough to place a single bet to meet the minimum odds, but it can get tight with Asian handicaps. Because not all providers of bets for the Bundesliga see them as relevant as a betting bonus.

Conclusion: Everything is not so easy and many roads lead to Rome

Everything is not so easy

Sports betting is a mixed bag. Because on the one hand it is of course fun to bet on sporting results. On the other hand, every bet involves risk. The fact is that no bookmaker customer ends up in the green area in the long term if you ignore beginner’s luck (which also doesn’t exist in the long run). So betting is not a way to make a living or to secure your retirement. Like all other sports betting, you should generally regard Bundesliga betting as fun and a hobby, nothing more. This implies that you only bet as much money as you are willing to spend on a hobby. Choose your stakes so that you can easily absorb the loss. Then you can enjoy the Bundesliga and other football bets for a long time. You should also keep records. Keep a written record of your bets as well as your deposits and withdrawals. This allows you to make reliable calculations of winnings and losses, always have an eye on your tips and can analyze your betting system like an expert. Because your analysis should not only cover the games in the Bundesliga, but also your betting behavior. This is how you find mistakes in your own personal strategy and can readjust them. This should permanently reduce your losses somewhat and at best maximize your profits.

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